Kelly Kish enchants Human Resources with Elvis tunes

Who knew the history of human resources could be so much fun? On behalf of the Bicentennial Speaker’s Bureau, Kelly Kish delivered a lecture to a group of nearly 200 IU Human Resources professionals this month. The lecture incorporated information about the Bicentennial, live polling (How many staff members used the Fee Courtesy benefit in 1948?), and a timeline of HR history that included a song about labor union relations written in 1993 and set to the tune of Elvis Presley’s “It’s Now or Never.”

It’s now or never, Our vote they’ll hear
Seems like forever, More than three years
In April, our time will come
It’s now or never, We’ll speak as one
Their lousy raises, Wouldn’t feed a flea
Rising insurance, Transportation fee
By voting, We’ll have a say
It’s now or never

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